The inception of the Health Education Division was in 1978 when education was seen as the key strategy to improve health and prevent illnesses. Health is a dynamic field and studies proved that the successful implementation of education must be accompanied by addressing other determinants of health.

The Ministry of Health, Grenada has been proactive in shifting its focus from health education to the wider concept of health promotion. Hence the Health  Promotion Division came into existence in January 2002.

The Division is guided by the Caribbean Charter for Health Promotion which was developed to fulfill the man­date given at the 13th Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Health in the Caribbean. Health promotion was recognized as an important and significant process  through which persons will assume more control over and improve their health. The mandate of the health promotion thrust now lies with the Health Promotion Division.

Purpose: To provide leadership, technical guidance and support and to strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities to  improve and maintain health and well-being.  This will be done through the utilization of  the health promotion strategies and health education principles and practices.

Vision: Holistic health practices observed by everyone.

Mission: To promote health and wellness for the development of skills and behaviors that will enable all sectors of the population to make informed choices that are conducive to health.

Objectives: of the Health Promotion Division are to:  

  • Assist with identifying national and local, health needs and respond with other agencies to address these needs, within the context of the national health agenda.
  • Foster coordination and collaboration in the planning and delivery of health    promotion and investment for health initiatives across sectors.
  • Strengthen capacity of various sectors to develop health promotion policy and implement appropriate programs.
  • Develop educational programs to  enable individuals, communities and  organizations to make informed decisions and undertake positive actions for health.
  • Undertake research, documentation and dissemination to strengthen and update health promotion initiatives.
  • Undertake advocacy for the incorporation of health promotion in all sectors.
  • Promote intersectoral collaboration and alliance building.
  • Influence and develop policies and structures to ensure healthy social and physical environments.
  • Strengthen community actions through the empowerment of local communities and people.