Health Promotion Resource Centre

The Health Promotion Resource Centre is the part of the Health Promotion Division which provides an assortment of health promotion and health education resource materials, models and tool kits to health and other professionals.

It is a source of excellent support to teachers, students and members of the public through the provision of updated and accurate health information on a wide range of health issues including ways to pursue healthy lifestyles. The centre also creates an opportunity to assist persons in developing skills and techniques which would aid in the delivery of health promotion and education services as well as enhance their own lives. The Resource Centre is a key element in community outreach and dissemination of up-to-date health information.

The aim of the Health Promotion Division Resource Centre is to provide the highest quality up-to-date health information to our clients and patrons. Our diverse collection includes journals and periodicals, current books on health and development issues as well as audio visual materials, and access to a computer base data as an additional reference tool. The Resource Centre also has a collection of health promotion/education tool kits, and resources available to health and other professionals as a guide to assisting others in healthy lifestyles choices.


To provide quality customer service, comprehensive up-to-date health promotion/ education information and relevant skills to all patrons.


A fully equipped, well maintained and utilized health promotion and health education resource centre.


To provide reliable up-to-date information on health promotion/ education and other health issues in a secure environment facilitated by a knowledgeable, discreet staff. 

Hours of Operation

The Resource Centre will operate during the hours of 8:30am -3:30pm on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

 Code of Conduct

  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the Resource Centre.
  • Loud talking is prohibited.
  • Furniture should not be removed from the Resource Centre. Any additional furniture brought into the Centre should be immediately removed after use.
  • Persons will be liable for damages incurred to equipment or furniture.

 Lending Procedures

  • Individuals must complete the application form prior to borrowing books, materials or equipment.
  • Books and periodicals from the Reference Section may not leave the Centre.
  • Loans from the Book Collection are limited to two items per person.
  • Books may be checked out for a maximum of one week. If items are not required by another user, each item may be renewed once.
  • Videos and cassettes may be loaned for a maximum of one week.


  • A fines for 10cents per day, per item will be charged on overdue books.
  • Check out of books not allowed with outstanding fines. All fines to be paid at time of checkout. 
  • A replacement cost upon loss of books and repair cost for damaged books will be charged.
  • Borrowing rights suspended with fines exceeding $50.00 layer...