Ministry of Health Website


The Ministry of Health’s long awaited website is finally here!!!!

The current Information or Digital Age is characterized by the ability to easily access and transfer information or knowledge in a means not possible many years ago.  Advances in computer technology have transformed many industries including Health-care.

The Ministry of Health realizes the great potential of ICT in transforming health-care in Grenada for the Benefit of all citizens. The Ministry is therefore pursuing a strategy which will see the incorporation of ICT in various aspects of Healthcare via a number of initiatives. One such initiative is the development of a Ministry of Health Website.

A well-developed, user-friendly, content rich Website is an essential part of any Organization or Business in this Information Age. A website provides a fairly inexpensive way to keep the public informed and educated on the activities and functions of the Ministry of Health.

Other benefits include:

  • International reach
  • Improved availability of Information
  • Greater feedback from the General Public
  • Improved Promotion of the Ministry’s Plans, Programs and Projects


International Reach

One key feature of Websites over most traditional means of information dissemination is the absence of physical boundaries. The internet and web technology makes it possible to access a web site from any part of the world on any web enabled device, thus giving the Ministry of Health access to an international audience.

Improved availability of Information

The Ministry of Health’s Website allows the general public to have access to important health information and resources twenty four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. This improved availability of information will contribute to the further empowerment of the Grenadian citizen on health related matters.  

Greater feedback from the General Public

The website now provides more avenues for the public to interact and communicate with the Ministry of Health in new interesting ways. One such example is the use of online surveys to determine health-care satisfaction for various services, facilities or programs of the Ministry of Health.

Improved Promotion of the Ministry’s Plans, Programs and Projects

International reach, greater availability and interactivity all make A Website an ideal tool for Promoting the Ministry’s Plans, Programs and Projects. The power of information in this Age cannot be ignored, therefore it is necessary that the public be updated and educated on the various plans, Programs and Projects via our frequently updated website.