The Grenada Electronic Network for Integrated Health Care



Project Description

As the Ministry of Health strives to deliver a more efficient and effective health care service to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique it is important that every aspect of the delivery of Health Care be improved. Health Information Systems are a vital part of any Health Care system since it ensures that policy decisions are based on accurate and timely information. An Electronic Health Information System is seen as the best means by which the current Health Information System in Grenada can be improved.

The starting point in the process of developing an Electronic Health Information System is the implementation of Electronic Health Records. The Electronic Health Record system will allow patients to receive more personalized care thus improving individual health outcomes. Physicians will have improved access to standardize and accurate longitudinal health records.

The EMR will also provide the Health Service records, and disease records required for public health by aggregating the individual health records of patients throughout Grenada.


Goals, Objectives and Expected Outcomes of the Information System


To ensure that policies and decisions are based on evidence and accurate timely information for improved National Health Care.


  • To facilitate the proper functioning of the health information unit by providing all required information in a timely and accurate manner. (System should be able to generate detailed reports.)
  • To Improve the Co-ordination of information activities within the M.O.H.
  • To improve the communication among units within the M.O.H.
  • To make users of the information system more aware of the importance of data in providing accurate information.
  • To improve the quality of information by avoiding duplication, and incomplete data.
  • To improve the storage, processing and retrieval of medical records throughout the health system.
  • To ensure that the information system is accessible with minimum down time.
  • To ensure that the information system is flexible, scalable and can grow with the organization
  • To reduce all unnecessary burdens on district staff as it relates to multiple registers and other burdensome tasks.
  • To ensure the safety and Security of all data
  • To ensure proper documentation of the entire system.


  • Ensure that the system is easy to use and understood by all users.
  • Improved referral System