The planning Unit was recently established to assume the role of planning and implementation of programmes and projects funded locally and externally; and promote research, new programmes and projects to improve service delivery offered by the Ministry of Health. This unit is headed by the Chief Planner


To provide technical support and advice to the various Divisions of Health, to facilitate the successful implementation and delivery of health care services to the citizens of Grenada.


-          Preparation of the National Strategic Plan for Health

-          Development of Annual Corporation Plans

-          Planning and design

-          Tendering and preparation of contracts for small Projects

-          Responsible for implementation, monitoring and supervision of projects

-          Responsible for project evaluation and reporting

-          Liaison with funding agencies

-          Assess the Human Resource needs and availability

-          Development of the evidence base for health planning through routine MIS and research



Ministry of Health

Ministerial Complex, Second Floor

Botanical Gardens, St. George’s

Phone No: 4402649 EXT. 2104 or 2108