Human Resource Development Achievements of 2011

Health Financing Achievements of 2011

Health Infrastructure Achievements of 2011

Health Services Development Achievements of 2011

Health Systems Development & Strengthening Achievements of 2011

  • Completion of a policy document for the revitalization of Primary Health Care
  • Amendment and production of Births, Deaths, Marriage Legitimization and Adoption certificates
  • Completion of Mobile Birth Registration Project With a success rate of 81% - out of a total of 9,063 persons 7,339 birth records were reconciled
  • Commenced the process of revision of International Health Regulations Act, in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office
  • Distribution of revised Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Revision of the major section of the Public Health Act- Anti Litter, Vagrancy
  • Completion and printing of the integrated Vector Control Manual
  • Completion of survey and analysis of risk factors for chronic diseases
  • Development of draft integrated surveillance manual
  • Completion of revision of data collection instrument for Community Health Services
  • Completion of consultation on the proposed new Mental Health Legislation
  • Consultation on integration of Mental Health into Primary Health Care
  • Development of Tuberculosis Manual  and training
  • Development of Anaemia  Protocol (90% completed)
  • Twenty four television interviews conducted on the programme Health Matters
  • Approximately 50,000 leaflets, brochures and other educational materials produced and disseminated

Human Resource Development and Training Achievements of 2010

Health Care Delivery Services/projects Achievements of 2010