Human Resource Development Achievements of 2011

Health Financing Achievements of 2011

Health Infrastructure Achievements of 2011

Health Services Development Achievements of 2011

  • Promote healthy lifestyles to delay onset or reduce the incidence of chronic non-communicable diseases- six community education sessions facilitated on chronic diseases
  • Leaflets designed produced and disseminated on Diabetes, hypertension, care of diabetic foot.
  • Chronic Care Passport launched
  • Sixty thousand seven hundred and forty eight (60,748) patients attended DMO clinics during the year 2011
  • Expand & enhance school health program.
  • Public workers education program
  • Risk communication plan for diarrhoea
  • One Hundred and forty eight schools including Pre- primary, Primary and Secondary benefited from three visits by NYU Grenada School-Based Dental program; 22,000 Children received sealant and vanish and 2000 adults were treated at the clinics.
  • Risk factors for chronic disease survey and analysis completed.
  • Registration of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Legitimization and Adoptions.
  • Amendments and production of Birth, Death, Marriage, Legitimization and Adoption certificates.
  • Twenty one (21) new patients started on HIV medications.
  • Commencement of the finalization of the National Strategic plan for HIV/AIDS
  • Ninety nine(99) persons received assistance under the programme for Elderly and Necessitous Persons at the cost of XCD57,256.00
  • Seventy two (72) persons received assistance under the programme for  Medical Assistance Overseas at the cost of XCD180,186.00
  • One patient currently in Cuba undergoing radiation therapy
  • Two patients (under 10years) currently in Trinidad & Tobago undergoing radiation through the RBTT Cancer Programme
  • Two patients currently in the United States undergoing ophthalmic surgery
  • Three (3) patients currently receiving financial  assistance through the kidney foundation at the rate of XCD 1,000 per month
  • One Hundred and forty health professionals including Doctors, Hospital and District based Nurses, Pharmacists, Nutritionist and Diabetic Educators received training in the management of Diabetes and Hyperlipidaemia.

Health Systems Development & Strengthening Achievements of 2011 

Human Resource Development and Training Achievements of 2010 

Health Care Delivery Services/projects Achievements of 2010