Human Resource Development Achievements of 2011

Health Financing Achievements of 2011

Health Infrastructure Achievements of 2011

  • Complete payment in the sum of XCD 2,070,000 for the Grand Anse health clinic
  • Complete refurbishment of Hermitage and Union medical stations at the cost of XCD 109,000
  • Complete floor plan and work schedule for Hospital Development Project
  • Retrofit former Nursing school to accommodate ward, physiotherapy, endoscopy and finance units at the cost of XCD 8,349.
  • Retrofit Air Conditioning System at the operating theatres and intensive care Unit General Hospital (XCD 157,000) – 85% completed
  • Complete installation of fly screens on windows at Princess Alice Hospital (XCD 9,902,000)
  • Complete relaying of sewer lines at Princess Alice Hospital-(XCD 100,592)
  • Reinforced fencing of the Central Medical Stores compound(XCD 128.000)
  • Demolition, excavation and cart away debris from site of Gouyave Health Centre - (XCD 43,800)
  • Maintenance /remodel of Community Health facilities including St. George’s and St David’s Health Centres, and New Hampshire, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Pleasant, Perdmontemps and Windward Medical Stations -  (XCD 202,140)
  • Installation of security bars on doors and windows at Westerhall Medical Station(XCD 4592)
  • Dialysis Unit - work ongoing - original estimates were XCD 89,454, cost overrun of XCD 162,000 experienced Ministry of Works to cover the excess. 

Health Services Development Achievements of 2011

Health Systems Development & Strengthening Achievements of 2011

Human Resource Development and Training Achievements of 2010

Health Care Delivery Services/projects Achievements of 2010