Human Resource Development Achievements of 2011

  • Recruitment of a Radiologist
  • Reintroduction of studentship (Apprenticeship) programme for succession planning especially in Laboratory and Radiology Department.
  • Two Primary care officers completed an observation and understudy of the Primary Health Care System in Dominica
  • Commencement of twice monthly continuing education sessions for medical doctors
  • Three persons graduated from the Caribbean Health Leadership Institute (CHLI)
  • Fourteen (14) persons trained in HIV Management – Online Program.
  • Four (4) Staff Nurses graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 
  • One staff obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, another continues study in Psychology.
  • Stakeholder consultation on health system strengthening - public private partnership
  • Forty-five (45) staff nurses and nursing assistants trained in basic foot care management. 
  • Testing and counselling workshop for Nurse, Pharmacist (PAHO funded)
  • Forty nine (49) Nurses obtained training/ update on Maternal and Child Health, Contraceptive Technology and use of Family Planning New Decision Tool
  • Distribution of (35) New Decision Tools now being used at health centers and medical stations
  • Forty nine (49) Nurses trained in the prevention and management of cervical cancer and introduction to the used of Acetic Acid in visual inspection of the cervix
  • Twenty six (26) District Nurses acquired knowledge and stills in TB screening
  • Twenty nine Nurses received training in foot care management
  • Commencement of foot care clinics
  • Printed and distributed 2000 almanacs and 400 posters to both the public and private health sectors and workplaces to sensitize the public on the importance of postnatal visits and early antenatal booking
  • Three persons received financial assistance towards their training in Environmental Health (USD12,000)
  • One person received financial towards the B.Sc in Physiotherapy (USD10,000)
  • One Nurse received Post basic training in operating techniques (USD7,000)
  • One nurse received post basic training in Intensive Care (USD7,000)
  • Two  nurses received training in Drug Abuse and Addiction
  • Two persons continue to receive financial assistance towards  Associate Degree in Health Information
  • Fifty five doctors and pharmacists trained on Rational use of Medicinal Products
  • Refresher training on Immunization

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