The General Hospital  


The original General hospital was located directly below Fort George overlooking the city of St. George’s; it was built by the British and was used as a Military Hospital. Shortly after it was built, Grenada was captured by the French who occupied the island for four years before it was recapture by the English. The 

hospital remained a military hospital under both French and British until 1864, when it was converted to civilian use.

In 1881, with renovations the hospital was able to accommodate 400 admissions per year. Improvements and expansions continued from 1912-1925. The following facilities were added; Private Block, Paediatric Ward, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nurses’ Hostel, Mortuary and even electricity was installed. At that time, the bed capacity increased from 140 to 170.

During the ensuing years, the Hospital continued to accumulate a series of annexes and buildings.

Between 1931and1989, x-ray equipment was installed, Laboratory and Ophthalmology buildings were added and an Acute Psychiatric Department, with adjoining Day Hospital of 26 beds was opened. Operating Theatre increased from one to two rooms.

Emergency Room, Out-Patients’ Department, and a modern Blood Banking and Hematology Department with mobile Blood Bank were added.

The new Grenada General Hospital is located about 500 yards from the site of the old hospital; it overlooks the harbor and Grand Anse beach.

The movement of patients from the old hospital to the new took place on December 2002. The new hospital was commissioned on 31st January 2003 ,it is equipped with biomedical equipment and other medical furnishings, which has revolutionize and improved the overall health service being available to the nation.  Some of the main features of the new hospital are: Piped Medical Gases, Audio-Intercom, and Air Conditioning in selected areas, Fire Alarm Systems, Elevators, Standby Generators and five Operating Theatres.

The second phase of the hospital project will see the construction of a new Accident and Emergency Department  Imaging Dept, Administrative offices, Out-patients’ Services, Chapel, Laboratory and Staff facilities. There is a plan also for the refurbishing of the Duncan’s ward (which will be also converted to an isolation unit) and the Ophthalmic Department.  

Current Staffing / services

  • Internal Medicine                  
  • Surgery                                 
  • Paediatrics                             
  • Psychiatry                           
  • Pathology                              
  • Obstetrics/Gynaecology       
  • Ophthalmology                     
  • Anesthetic                            
  • Orthopedic                          
  • Radiology                              
  • Oncology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Technology/Laboratory
  • Pharmacy

Visiting Ear, Nose and Throat, Cardiology, Oncology and Dermatology consultants hold clinics in the Outpatient Department on selected days.