(Births, Deaths & Marriages)



The Registrar General’s Division is located on the ground floor of the Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, St. George.  Our contact number is 1-473-440-2806. There are seven District Offices located as follows:

Revenue Office Grenville St. Andrew’s                       1-473-442-6904

Revenue Office Hillsborough, Carriacou                     1-473-443-6243

Revenue Office St. David’s                                       1-473-444-7269

Supreme Court Registry, Church Street, St. George    1-473-440-2030

Revenue Office Gouyave, St. John’s                          1-473-444-8231

Revenue Office Victoria, St. Marks                            1-473-444-8425

Revenue Office Sauteurs, St. Patrick’s                      1-473-442-9324


To ensure that Births, Deaths, Marriages, Adoptions and Legitimizations are recorded accurately and certificates are adequately prepared.


To preserve by computerizing, the records of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Adoptions and Legitimization and to produce these certificates electronically.