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Procedures to follow when applying for a Special Marriage License (CAP184)


  1. Non-Nationals MUST be three (3) days resident in the State before applying for a Marriage License.  The License takes two (2) days to be processed.
  1. At the upper back part of the application form the gentleman will take       oath in the presence of the Registrar General at the Registrar General’s Department, Ministry of Health.
  1. The lower back part of the form must be certified by either a Minister of Religion, Lawyer or Justice of the Peace.
  1. In case of Non-Nationals, Passports and Birth Certificates of both parties must be presented.
  1. Non-Nationals must present a notarized certificate attesting that the parties involved have never been married before.  In the case where the parties involved are divorced, the final divorce document with seal or a notarized copy MUST be presented.
  1. If the divorce document is in a foreign language then it MUST be translated into English, certified by an official translator, and both submitted with the application.
  1. If a Minor is a party to the marriage – that is under eighteen (18) years – A Minor’s Consent form is to be completed by the Minor’s Father/Mother or lawful guardian and certified by a Notary Public, Minister of Religion or Lawyer (CAP 184 Sec. 20)
  1. The present fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to be paid in the Treasury, Ministry of Finance, as Marriage License’s fee.  The receipt together with stamps to the value of fifteen dollars ($15.00) are to be submitted with the completed application form to the Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Ministry, for processing.




  • Procedures to follow when applying for a special Marriage license.


Fees(Stamp Included)