To plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the programs and services of the Division to ensure development and maintenance of standards of practice, delivery of efficient and reliable pharmaceutical services and conduct of pharmaceutical business.


To provide reliable and integrated pharmacy care and services in order that clients derive optimum benefit at all levels of the Drug Supply Management Cycle.


To achieve a standardized, efficient and sustainable quality and level of care and services delivered in a highly professional and ethical manner for an improved health status and general well-being of the population. Corporate Objective:

Provide dependable pharmacy care and services through maximum use of available resources.


  • Deliver reliable and efficient pharmacy care and services to the acute care and subsidiary hospitals.
  • Deliver reliable and efficient pharmacy care and services to the community.
  • Ensure that Pharmacists, Pharmacies, Wholesalers and Distributors of pharmaceuticals comply with the provisions and requirements of the Pharmacy Act and related laws.
  • Provide reliable and on-going drug-information services to the public and other health professionals.
  • Monitor, evaluate and upgrade the services of the department for efficiency, productivity and sustainability.


  • Management, Ministry of Health
  • Hospital Services                                       
  • Community Services
  • Inspectorate/Regulatory Control