Pharmacy Services


Program /Services:

  • The Division is responsible for the provision of the following services throughout the public sector. 
  • Requisitioning, Storage, Distribution, Compounding and Dispensing of Drugs and Medical Supplies.
  • Inventory management
  • Counseling and drug information services.
  • Inspection of premises of Pharmacies, Wholesalers, Distributors and Importers, Port of entry of Pharmaceuticals and any other area where Pharmaceuticals are sold or distributed. (Private and Public Sector)
  • Enforcement of Laws and Regulation that governs the practice of Pharmacy and the conduct of pharmaceutical business throughout the tri-island state.
  • The Division also plays a role in the education and training of Students in the Pharmacy Program of the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).

Table: 1 Level of Services and designated Bases:  Public Sector

Level of Service


Head of Division

-           Chief Pharmacist


Ministry of Health

Inspectorate / Regulatory Control

-           Pharmacy Inspector


Ministry of Health

Hospital / Institutional Services

-           General Hospital

-           Princess Alice Hospital

-           Princess Royal Hospital

-           Psychiatric Hospital

-           Her Majesty’s Prisons


Grand- Etang Road, St. George’s

Mirabeau, St. Andrew’s


Mt. Gay, St. George’s

Richmond Hill, St. George’s

Geriatric / Nursing Homes

Dorothy Hopkins Center

Richmond Home


Tempe, St. George’s

Richmond Hill, St. George’s


Community Services



St. George’s Dispensary


Health Center, St. George’s

St. George’s North

Medical Station/ Nursing Home:

Happy Hill, Snug Corner, New Hampshire, Mt. Mortiz, Dorothy Hopkin’s Center.

St. George’s South

Medical Stations/Institution:

Grand Anse, Woburn, Morne Jaloux, Her Majesty’s Prisons.

St. George’s Central


Medical Stations/Institution:

Westerhall, Good Hope, La Borie, Perdmontemps, Richmond Home

St. John’s

Health Center/Medical Station:

Gouyave, Grand Roy

St. Mark’s

Medical Stations: Victoria, Union

St. Patrick’s

Health Center/Medical Stations:

Sauteurs, River Sallee, Mt. Rich

St. David’s

Health Center/Medical Stations:

St. David’s, Vincennes

St. Andrew’s District

Medical Stations: Paradise, Paraclete, Hermitage, Tivoli, Birch Grove, Crochu

Grand Bras Dispensary

Grand Bras Health Center


Medical Stations: Hillsborough, Winward, Petit Martinique, Mt. Pleasant, Lesterre