Services of the Ministry of Health


The National Infectious Disease Control Unit

  • Counseling
  • Management of sexually transmitted infections
  • HIV Testing and counseling
  • Management of HIV infected persons, including provision of antiretroviral medication and medication for opportunistic infections
  • Referrals to support services, like social services, ophthalmology
  • Home care
  • Free Condoms

Nursing Division

  • Ensure that continuous individualized nursing care is delivered to all clients.
  • Ensure that staffing is optimum for the delivery of quality nursing care.  
  • Ensure that nursing staff procure the needed items for delivery of care.  
  • Develop and set standards for care, and personal performance which are up to date and relevant.  
  • Provide staff development sessions consistently.  
  • Conduct research in the area of nursing to improve and inform changes in the delivery of nursing care. 
  • Assist the Nursing School in providing support and supervision for nursing students when needed.  
  • Ensure that each staff member is given a job description, staff orders and any other relevant documents.  
  • Determine the budgetary requirements for the department. 

Pharmacy Division                     

  • The Division is responsible for the provision of the following services throughout the public sector. 
  • Requisitioning, Storage, Distribution, Compounding and Dispensing of Drugs and Medical Supplies.
  • Inventory management
  • Counseling and drug information services.
  • Inspection of premises of Pharmacies, Wholesalers, Distributors and Importers, Port of entry of Pharmaceuticals and any other area where Pharmaceuticals are sold or distributed. (Private and Public Sector)
  • Enforcement of Laws and Regulation that governs the practice of Pharmacy and the conduct of pharmaceutical business throughout the tri-island state.
  • The Division also plays a role in the education and training of Students in the Pharmacy Program of the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC).     


Health Promotion Division

  • Assist with identifying national and local, health needs and respond with other agencies to address these needs, within the context of the national health agenda.
  • Foster coordination and collaboration in the planning and delivery of health    promotion and investment for health initiatives across sectors.
  • Strengthen capacity of various sectors to develop health promotion policy and implement appropriate programs.
  • Develop educational programs to  enable individuals, communities and  organizations to make informed decisions and undertake positive actions for health.
  • Undertake research, documentation and dissemination to strengthen and update health promotion initiatives.
  • Undertake advocacy for the incorporation of health promotion in all sectors.
  • Promote intersectoral collaboration and alliance building.
  • Influence and develop policies and structures to ensure healthy social and physical environments.
  • Strengthen community actions through the empowerment of local communities and people.


IT Division

  • The day to day operation of the Electronic Health Information System (EHIS)
  • The procurement, assignment and installation of IT equipment to support the EHIS
  • Training of hospital staff on the use of the hardware and software associated with the EHIS

Planning Unit

  • Preparation of the National Strategic Plan for Health
  • Development of Annual Corporation Plans
  • Planning and design
  • Tendering and preparation of contracts for small Projects
  • Responsible for implementation, monitoring and supervision of projects
  • Responsible for project evaluation and reporting
  • Liaison with funding agencies
  • Assess the Human Resource needs and availability
  • Development of the evidence base for health planning through routine MIS and research

Registrar Generals Division (Births, Marriages, Deaths

  • Registration and Insertion of names
  • Amendments
  • To legitimate