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Human Resource Development Achievements of 2011

Health Financing Achievements of 2011

Health Infrastructure Achievements of 2011

Health Services Development Achievements of 2011

Health Systems Development & Strengthening Achievements of 2011

Human Resource Development and Training Achievements of 2010

Health Care Delivery Services/projects Achievements of 2010 

  • Over 600 clients received medical assistance for the following;
      • Medical treatment not available locally – EC $217,804.73
      • Medication
      • Diagnostic procedures
      • Special medical supplies
      • Overseas Oncology Medical Treatment – 21 patients received free assistance in the United States from Dr. Trevor Layne & his volunteer team. 
    1. NB: total cost of this service (US $4.7m)
    2. These include; Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy (External Beam) Brachytherapy (Seeds), Surgical procedures, radiological tests (MRI, CT, PET scans) Hospital stay.
    3. Provision of duty free concessions on equipments to Island Health Services (HIS), provision of medical supplies from Central Medical Stores at reduce cost to (HIS) and the contribution of EC $1000,00 per patient per month for Dialysis.
    4. Forty (40) children received specialist care in cardiology and orthopedics provided by the International Hospital for Children in Virginia, through the St. Vincent hub. 
  • Procurement and Installation of Equipment; 
    1. Alcon Infinity Vision System at the General Hospital – to the tune of US $60,000.00 (EC $163,014.00). A modern piece of biomedical equipment which allows an Ophthalmic Surgeon to undertake and Successful complete of cataract removal in 15 minutes with no sutures and no need for overnight hospitalization.
    2. A new surgical C-arm at the General Hospital – to the turn of US $85.500 (EC $232,295.00). An important piece of equipment in surgery when implanting screws in hip replacement thus reducing complication increasing rate/speed of recovery, also used when implanting cardiac pace makers, in urology in the removal of kidney stones, etc. 
  • Restoration of 198 patient lockers at the General Hospital; 
    1. Replacement and installation of new toilets – replacement of all (domestic type toilets) on the wards at the General Hospital. 
  • Elevator at the General Hospital: Retrofitted at a cost of EU $210,174.00 (EC $809,169.90)
  • Relocation and upgrading of Snug Corner Medical Station at Beaulieu in St George’s
  • Health Practitioners Act of 2010 which allows for registration of doctors and Allied Health Professionals
  • Continuation of the Schools Dental Health Program in conjunction with the New York University and the Ministry of Education. This Collaboration will continue over the next three years. It will include training for local participants in the program.
  • Continuation of a national CNCD Risk Factor Survey to aide in the planning of Health Promotion and Prevention campaign Strategies.
  • Commencement of public consultation on the new draft Mental Health Bill.
  • Provision of free HIV testing and ante-retroviral medication to all infected persons, regardless to their political, social or religious belief.
  • Appointment of the National Chronic Diseases Commission – Comprising representatives from all key Stakeholder including SGU to advise on new strategies to reduce the incidence of NCDS, chaired by Dr. Omowail Amuleru Marshall.
  • Appointment of National AIDS Commission Chaired by Mr. Terry Charles
  • Establishment of a MOU with Dalhousie University in Canada.