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Economic changes, financial problems, and a growing burden of disease have contributed to an increasing dependence on donor assistance in the area of health care for many developing economies.

The Government of Grenada recognizes the valuable contributions of Donor Countries/Agencies/Organizations/ Individuals to our Health Services. While the Donors are well intentioned, donations sometimes do not achieve their intended objectives, and could even constitute an added burden to our health care system. This policy provides guidance for better collaboration and coordination with Donors to ensure mutual benefit of both donors and recipients. 

The purpose of the policy guidelines is:

  • to improve the quality of Pharmaceuticals, Medical supplies and Equipment donations to the Ministry of Health. 
  • to ensure the maintenance of standards for the supply, delivery and receipt of donated good and professional/technical services, as they play an important role in the development of Grenada's Health Sector.

Grenada has adopted four underlying principles, which form the core of Good
Donation Practice:

1)     Health care equipment donations should benefit the recipient to the maximum extent possible;

2)      Donations should be given with due respect for the wishes and authority of the recipient, and in conformity with government policies and administrative arrangements of the recipient country.

3)      There should be no double standard in quality. If the quality of an item is deemed unacceptable in the donor country, it should also be deemed as unacceptable as a donation.   .

4)     There should be effective communication between the donor and the recipient, with all donations made according to a plan formulated by both parties.

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has established a Desk for the purpose of coordinating and collaborating with Donors for the supply, delivery and receipt of
donations of goods and services.                          

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