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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, SEPTEMBER 11 2017 - GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE (GIS): - The Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health today reported that there is an outbreak of conjunctivitis (Pink/Red Eye) in Grenada.

The unit headed by Dr. Shawn Charles, shared the information with senior members of the Ministry, as the reported number of cases has reached the designated levels that constitute an outbreak locally.

On July 7th, Grenadian health officials reported that they were actively monitoring an outbreak of conjunctivitis in the region.  At that time the number of  cases in Grenada were very low and was not a cause for concern, based on regional and international standards.

With respect to the current increased incidence of this syndrome, the Ministry is reporting forty-one (41) cases in total throughout the entire island from the period January to August 2017. However during the first week of September, a total of forty  (40) cases were identified in one particular health district setting off red indicators.

Meanwhile Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Francis Martin in speaking to the (GIS), indicated that the current outbreak is viral and can be transmitted by person to person.

According to Dr. Martin, there is absolutely no evidence or confirmation that the outbreak is airborne.

He further stressed the need for individuals to practice proper and regular hand washing to avoid becoming infected and prevent the viral transmission.

Outbreaks of viral conjunctivitis occur mainly in tropical countries with high population density, hot and humid climate. 

For additional information about conjunctivitis (clinical description how it is spread), and how best to prevent and or manage conjunctivitis please visit the link provided: https://www.cdc.gov/.