The Allied Health Professionals Council of Grenada is a body corporate pursuant to section 55 subsection 2 of the Health Practitioner’s Act No. 16 of 2010 to facilitate the registration and regulation of allied health practitioners.

 The council comprises of Seven (7) members who include the Chief Medical Officer – ex-officio member, four (4) allied health professionals, one (1) registered medical practitioner, one (1) attorney-at-law, one (1) member of the public.

All members of the council are appointed by the Minister of Health; and remain answerable to him/her, however perform its functions and exercise its powers independently, impartially and in the public interest.  The Council is governed by the Health Practitioner’s Act specified for Allied Health Practitioners, and holds meeting once per month.



To govern, guide and regulate the practices of Allied Health Professionals in Grenada.



To ensure a secured population with qualified allied health professionals delivering quality service in-keeping with the highest professional and legal standards.



  1. Assess and approve applications for registration of persons as allied health practitioners under the Act.
  2. Rejects applications which do not meet the required criteria.
  3. Register practitioners who satisfy the requirement process.
  4. Monitor, assess, inspect and regulate allied health facilities in collaboration with health regulations.
  5. Ensure compliance with prescribed standards of practice for Allied health Professionals including codes of professional conduct and ethics.
  6. Regulate the standard of service for the practice of allied health professions.
  7. Set practice standards for proficiency, conduct and ethics for allied health professionals.
  8. Issue practice license certificates to registered allied health professionals.
  9. Keep and maintain the register for registered allied health professionals.
  10. Investigate complaints against allied health practitioners.
  11. Facilitate professional development of practitioners in consultation with the appropriate educational institutions, courses of instruction and practical training for allied health professionals.
  12. Ensure that education and training of allied health practitioners and other allied care providers are carried out at accredited educational institutions.
  13. Advise the Minister of Health on matters relating to allied health practice.
  14. Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the object of the Council.