All Registered Allied Health Professionals are expected to always:

  • Practice and conduct oneself within the legal and ethical requirements of their specific profession. 
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues and develop respectful relationship with other health professionals. 
  •  Assume responsibility for his/her professional development.  Engage in continuing professional development/training/education. 
  •  Comply with all requirements necessary to maintain valid registration and license to practice. 
  • Maintain fitness to practice. 
  • Communicate effectively with client, family, caregiver, and other professionals. 
  • Respect the client’s right to make his/her own decision and seek a second opinion. 
  • Accept that clients have the right to refuse treatment/ care or to request the withdrawal from care. 
  • Work with others to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of clients, their families and the wider community. 
  • Respect the privacy of the client. 
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of client information.  Use personal information obtained during the course of professional practice only for the purpose it was given.  Must not disclose information to anyone including a client’s spouse, children, siblings, family, electronic and social media or anyone else without the client’s written consent or as directed by the power of attorney. 
  • Be unbiased and apply fair treatment to clients irrespective of gender, age, race, colour, religion, functional limitation, culture and belief, social and economic status. 
  • Professionals, who provide direction and supervision to technical staff and other health professionals, must be available to evaluate each procedure/consultation and provide guideline and assistance as required. 
  • Acknowledge client’s right to complaints. Clients have the right to complain about their care if they are dissatisfied. Professionals should work with the client to resolve any issue which may arise. Professionals must fully cooperate with all internal and external investigations into complaints. 
  • Professional must never use his/her position to pursue a sexual or other inappropriate relationship with client.