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The Coat-of-Arms represents the distillation of a national effort to produce armorial bearings for an independent Grenada, incorporating important historical and indigenous features of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, in a design approved by the College of Arms.

The Coat-of-Arms comprises:

  1. The Livery Coat or Colour on a Shield
  2. Charges or Devices on the Shield
  3. The Helm of special design
  4. The Mantle which covers the Helm
  5. The Wreath to hold the Mantle in place
  6. The Crest
  7. Supporters
  8. The Motto

The National colours of Red, Gold and Green, which comprise the National Flag, are used on the shield with the same symbolism attached to them.

The ship Santa Maria at the centre point of the shield and Gold Cross represent Grenada’s sighting by Christopher Columbus, and our continuing link with yachting and tourism.

The Gold Cross itself is significant of God consciousness which underlines the national effort.

The Lion is the first quarter of the shield, and repeated in the fourth, symbolises strength, and the unswerving determination to face the challenges of nationhood with courage and resourcefulness.