Mission: To provide comprehensive Mental Health Services to the nation.

Vision: We envisage!

A developed culture for the prevention of Mental illness, promotion and maintenance of Mental Health.

Services Offered

Three types of services are provided

  1. In-patient - Treatment and Rehabilitation
  2. Community Services
  3. In-patient Services
  4. Out-patient Clinics
  • Occupational/recreational therapy
  • Group/individual therapy
  • Counseling therapy

Community Services - Out-patient

  1. Out-patient/Community Clinics
  2. Home visits
  3. Individual /family education and or counseling
  4. Social Intervention

The community services continue to be the back bone of the Mental Health Services. These services are provided by the Psychiatric Social Workers and Community Mental Health Workers who provide follow-up care to all discharged patients in the community. Each parish is equipped with a Community Mental Health Worker who performs that role. An outpatient clinic is held monthly in each parish except in St. George’s where it is held weekly. These clinics are conducted by the medical team which includes psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse(s), psychiatric social worker(s), community mental health workers and pharmacist.  

Annual Mental Health Public Awareness Activities

Persons with mental Illness have been stigmatized throughout the world. This has had a very negative impact on the patients, their families and the community.

In order to bring the general public to a greater understanding and acceptance of the mentally ill, a number of activities have been undertaken annually:

  1. Observance of World Mental Health Day - October 10, with street march and public awareness activities in schools and communities.
  2. Mental Health Sports where patients can compete among themselves and interact with staff and members  of the general public as they vie for honours and build self esteem.
  3. Annual carnival activities with calypso and queen competition in the true spirit of carnival.
  4. Open house day for visitors, friends and relatives to interact with patients. These activities are supported by members of the community, but much more can be done to assist in the rehabilitation of our clients.