The purpose of the Nursing Division is to provide Nursing Care to all persons accessing the service in the areas of, and not limited to preventative, curative and rehabilitative care.


A dynamic committed nursing workforce leading the nation in providing quality care to individuals, families and communities through continuing education and research.

In achieving this vision, it is important that the philosophy, goals, structures, processes, procedures and interpersonal dynamics are understood and accepted, and that they are periodically adapted to ensure that they support the achievement of the vision. It is essential that all levels of Nursing Management are committed to it.

This vision should be reflected in orientation, planning, implementation and evaluation of strategies, the selection of departmental and personal objectives and the focus of the Nursing Division on a whole.

In addition, it requires that the Nurse Managers be united in their goal and support each other so that the achievement of the stated vision will be a reality.

Core Values of the Nursing Division: 

  • Involvement
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Quality/standards
  • Equity
  • Team work
  • Evidence based practice

 The goals of the Nursing Division are to:  

  1. Establish and maintain safe, effective, efficient and individualized nursing care consistent with the mission/vision of the Ministry of Health.  
  1. Ensure that standards implemented in the delivery and evaluation of nursing care are consistent with that of the Regional Nursing Body (RNB), the Nurses and Midwives Council of Grenada, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

 The objectives of the Nursing Division are to:  

  • Ensure that continuous individualized nursing care is delivered to all clients.
  • Ensure that staffing is optimum for the delivery of quality nursing care.  
  • Ensure that nursing staff procure the needed items for delivery of care.  
  • Develop and set standards for care, and personal performance which are up to date and relevant.  
  • Provide staff development sessions consistently.  
  • Conduct research in the area of nursing to improve and inform changes in the delivery of nursing care. 
  • Assist the Nursing School in providing support and supervision for nursing students when needed.  
  • Ensure that each staff member is given a job description, staff orders and any other relevant documents.  
  • Determine the budgetary requirements for the department.