The Grenada Nursing Services is geared toward the advancement of nursing through theory and science by preparing nurses to face the challenges ahead. The service is the essential component of the health system which is a planned process of identifying and meeting needs of individuals, groups and communities in a variety of settings at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care.

The effectiveness and efficiency of Nursing Services is dependent on sound managerial and organizational practices. These services are intended to be delivered by adequate numbers, categories and levels of nursing personnel who are well prepared by education and experience and are appropriately utilized. The availability of adequate supplies equipment and support services facilitate provision of nursing services.

The General Hospital, being the main health care facility, is responsible for the administration of nursing care along with subsidiary hospitals that together form an integral part of the nations’ health care provider.

Ninety-eight point five percent (98.5%) of the Nursing Staff are trained at one of the two Schools of Nursing on island.(TAMCC)  This training entails a three (3) year General Nursing Program, twelve (12) months Midwifery and a one year Nursing Assistant Programme.

Certifications for these programs are made possible through Grenada Nurses and Midwives Council which is affiliated with the Regional Nursing Body. Nurses are afforded opportunities to do undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of the West Indies and The St. George’s University towards the attainment of a degree.

 The Nursing Division is well aware of the additional role of nurses in the development of Client care, as a result they are encouraged to look critically and to take advantage of the social, technological and political changes which shape nurses into a much stronger efficacious body.

The Nursing Services Division will position and prepare itself for predicted future trends, thus moving side by side with other nursing entities to provide care which will be accepted globally.

Over the last decade nurses have made enormous strides, a number of persons have gone on to areas such as; Medicine, Law, Theology, and Information Technology, all of which speak to nurses ability to showcase themselves as  very talented and resourceful professionals.